Inked Family Saga Discrete Series

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When purchasing the entire Inked Family Saga Discrete Series, you get all TWENTY-SEVEN books currently published in the world so far - in timeline reading order - as follows:
  • Joseph Gallo (Throttle Me)
  • Michael Gallo (Hook Me)
  • Izzy Gallo (Resist Me)
  • Thomas Gallo (Uncover Me)
  • Anthony Gallo (Without Me)
  • Morgan DeLuca (Sinful Intent)
  • Frisco Jones (Unlawful Desire)
  • Bear North (Wicked Impulse)
  • Joseph Gallo Book 2 (Honor Me)
  • Izzy Gallo Book 2 (Worship Me)
  • Ret North (Guilty Sin)
  • Lucio Gallo (Maneuver)
  • Daphne Gallo (Flow)
  • Angelo Gallo (Hook)
  • Vinnie Gallo (Hustle)
  • Angelo Gallo Book 2 (Love)
  • Gigi Gallo (Flame)
  • Gigi Gallo Book 2 (Burn)
  • Tamara Gallo (Wildfire)
  • Lily Gallo (Blaze)
  • Tamara Gallo Book 2 (Ignite)
  • Nick Gallo (Spark)
  • Rocco Caldo (Ember)
  • Carmello Caldo (Singe)
  • Rosie Gallo (Ashes)

Also includes:

  • Inked Short Stories (not numbered)
  • Inked Novellas (not numbered)

Each book features 300 pages of groundwood luxury paper and a matte black finished cover.