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Broken Dove eBook

Broken Dove eBook

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Open Road Series Book 2

A simple arrangement. A complicated future.

Lia Dove has always been a free spirit, living life to the fullest and never putting down roots. But after finding her birth father, along with a group of lovable, rowdy bikers, she can’t imagine being anywhere else. Throw in a hot biker roommate who offers her no-strings-attached deal as the cherry on top and leaving becomes an afterthought.

Leo Hawk has never felt part of anything until he becomes a prospect in a local motorcycle club. But catching feelings for his roommate, who’s also the club president’s daughter, could spell disaster before he earns his patch.

But when the past comes back to haunt him thanks to his missing older brother, Leo will have to lean on his biker brothers for help, risking a future with the club and the woman he’s grown to love.

Broken Dove is an interconnected standalone friends-to-lovers, motorcycle club romance, but can be read and enjoyed alone.


1. Broken Sparrow

2. Broken Dove

3. Broken Wings

4. Broken Arrow


“Lia, are you awake?”

I hear Leo’s voice calling to me in my dreams, and I bury my face deeper in the pillow.


The familiar squeak of my bedroom door opening lets me know the voice is real.

“Leo, it’s early…” I groan.

As soon as I stir and speak, the dogs scramble from their hiding place under my blankets and leap off my bed to greet Leo.

“You asked me to wake you up before I go,” he reminds me.

I can hear the jangling of the dogs’ collars as the three jockey for the best position, which means the most contact with Leo’s hands. I understand that feeling.

I squint against the weak light and can barely make out Leo Hawk, my roommate of over a year, kneeling in the doorway.

He must be fresh out of the shower because I can smell the soap he uses. None of that fake, metallic man-smell for him.

I pry my eyes open and roll over to greet him properly.

“Sweet Jesus, Lia,” he says, rubbing his forehead and tearing his eyes away from me and my bare flesh.

I curl my lips into a sleepy grin. “You know I sleep naked, bud. You wake me up, you’re asking for the full show.”

I can’t help it if I like teasing him. Smelling him so fresh and seeing him all dressed for the day sends my body into overdrive. Without even realizing it, my nipples go hard, and I rub my thighs together under the sheets.

“I-I know…” he stutters, looking away. “I just… I uh…”

God, I love my roommate. All tattooed, grease monkey, biker guy on the outside, but on the inside, the dude is pure mush. Sweet and gooey. Easy to tease, and even easier to distract. I’m having the time of my life living with him.

“Is this a full-contact wake-up call?” I ask. “Or do you need to be on your way?”

“Fuuuuuuck,” Leo says, his voice thick and needy. “I have shit to do this morning. You do too, remember? The phone interview.”

The way I torture him is almost cruel. I know damn well what he’s got on his schedule today. He’s been a prospect for the MC for almost a year now, and my dad and the other guys keep him busy. The very same MC that my dad happens to be the president of.

“Hmmm.” I pat the bed beside me. “How long do we need?”

“Not long,” he says, with that expression he gets when he’s torn up about something.

He doesn’t admit it, but being in the club means everything to him. I don’t want to screw that up for him. But morning sex…

“I can work with ‘not long,’” I remind him.

“Your dad wants me to—” He flicks a glance at his phone, checking the time.

“Leo,” I say, a warning in my voice, “did you just bring up my dad while I’m waiting for you to decide whether or not you have time to fuck me before you leave for the day?”

He swallows in that adorably sexy way he has, pressing his lips together and lifting his brows. Leo looks down at his clothes. “Let’s focus on the fucking and not on the other part.”

“Forget it. It’s all right,” I say, rolling onto my back. I bend my knees so the sheets tent over my legs. I slide one hand under the sheet. “If you’re in a rush, I’ll take care of myself this morning.”

I bring my other hand to my breast and tweak my nipple between two fingers. It doesn’t feel anywhere near as good as when Leo does it, though.

He watches me, his dark eyes flaring even in the low light. I squirm a little under the sheets, so he knows I’m doing something down there too.

He tosses his plain white T-shirt over his head and kicks off his work boots.

Finally, I get what I want.


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