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Inked Family 28 Book Saga Discreet Covers

Inked Family 28 Book Saga Discreet Covers

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When purchasing the entire Inked Family Saga Discrete Series, you get TWENTY-EIGHT books in the Men of Inked world so far - in timeline reading order - as follows:

        1. Joseph Gallo (Throttle Me)
        2. Michael Gallo (Hook Me)
        3. Izzy Gallo (Resist Me)
        4. Thomas Gallo (Uncover Me)
        5. Anthony Gallo (Without Me)
        6. Morgan DeLuca (Sinful Intent)
        7. Frisco Jones (Unlawful Desire)
        8. Bear North (Wicked Impulse)
        9. Joseph Gallo Book 2 (Honor Me)
        10. Izzy Gallo Book 2 (Worship Me)
        11. Ret North (Guilty Sin)
        12. Lucio Gallo (Maneuver)
        13. Daphne Gallo (Flow)
        14. Angelo Gallo (Hook)
        15. Vinnie Gallo (Hustle)
        16. Angelo Gallo Book 2 (Love)
        17. Gigi Gallo (Flame)
        18. Gigi Gallo Book 2 (Burn)
        19. Tamara Gallo (Wildfire)
        20. Lily Gallo (Blaze)
        21. Tamara Gallo Book 2 (Ignite)
        22. Nick Gallo (Spark)
        23. Rocco Caldo (Ember)
        24. Carmello Caldo (Singe)
        25. Rosie Gallo (Ashes)
        26. Luna Gallo (Scorch)
        27. Inked Short Stories (not numbered)
        28. Inked Novellas (not numbered)

        Each book features groundwood luxury paper and a matte black finished cover.

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