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Open Road Series Discreet eBook Bundle

Open Road Series Discreet eBook Bundle

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Get the COMPLETE Open Road Series eBook Bundle and binge read now. The Open Road series features FOUR FULL-LENGTH novels that'll make you swoon!

The bundle includes:

  • Book 1 - Broken Sparrow
  • Book 2 - Broken Dove
  • Book 3 - Broken Wings
  • Book 4 - Broken Arrow

Plus two free full-length novels: Throttle Me & Flame


Alice is watching me with a look on her face I can’t read. She doesn’t look angry or unhappy, but more uncertain.

“So,” I say after Zoey is settled on the couch. “I’m going to take care of your car.”

“Morris…” Alice sighs. “I can’t afford to get it fixed. I can’t…”

I shake my head and motion for her to sit. “I didn’t say anything about paying for it, sweetheart.”

Alice’s face falls even more. She drops down into the chair beside me, hunches her shoulders over, and rests her face in her hands. “I had a plan…” she explains. “I prepared for every possibility,” she says, sounding more and more defeated. “And the one thing I didn’t expect is the one thing that’s going to ruin everything.” She trails off into silence and closes her eyes. “I can never repay you for what you’ve already done.”

“Baby,” I say, reaching a hand across the table. I scoot my chair a little closer to hers. Our knees brush under my kitchen table and I notice she doesn’t move away, but she flinches a little, and then she relaxes. “What’s this plan? It’s time you level with me.”

Alice draws a shaky breath and shakes her head. “I don’t want to involve you any more than I already have. I can’t—”

“Alice.” I clap my hand over her knee under the table. I give her a gentle squeeze and leave my hand there. “Who are you running from?” I ask.

Alice shakes her head and clamps her mouth shut.

“Alice.” I look behind us into the living room, making sure that Zoey’s watching TV. The little princess is totally preoccupied by a cartoon. “Alice,” I repeat, bringing my attention back to the beauty beside me. But this time, I lift her chin with my hand. If she’s going to ignore me, she’s going to have to do it looking me dead in the eye. “Did he—”

“No, Morris. Not Zoey. He never laid a hand on her.” Alice’s voice is so, so small. I can’t comprehend what it feels like to have a child, to be responsible for a beautiful little life like Zoey’s, and to be beholden to anyone to provide for her.

“You sure?” I press. “You’d tell me.”

She blinks fast and cracks a small smile. “I would tell you. I trust you,” she says, but then as quick as the light came on, it goes out. “But there are so many ways to hurt a woman,” she adds quietly.

“He’s not going to hurt you ever again,” I say quietly under my breath.

“Morris,” she says, shaking her head. “You don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“If you think that, darlin’, then you don’t know what I’m capable of.”


  • Protective Alpha Heroes
  • Troubled Past
  • Band of Brothers
  • Found Family
  • Women in Peril
  • Redemption
  • Opposites Attract
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Broken Sparrow Synopsis

A chance encounter. An unlikely hero.

Morris has always dedicated himself to his brothers in the MC, choosing the freedom of the open road over the monotony of family life. But a chance encounter with a single mother on the run causes his protective alpha instincts to kick into overdrive.

Alice Sparrow thought she had planned her escape perfectly, but everything that could go wrong, did. Bank account emptied. Broken-down car. No place to stay. But when she bumps into a handsome biker, she doesn’t have the luxury of walking away from his help, especially when she must keep her daughter safe.

What is supposed to be a simple act of kindness quickly turns into something bigger and more complicated than either expects…especially when it comes to matters of the heart.


  • Single Mother
  • Protective Biker
  • Age Gap
  • Found Family

Broken Dove Synopsis

A simple arrangement. A complicated future.

Lia Dove has always been a free spirit, living life to the fullest and never putting down roots. But after finding her birth father, along with a group of lovable, rowdy bikers, she can’t imagine being anywhere else. Throw in a hot biker roommate who offers her no-strings-attached deal as the cherry on top and leaving becomes an afterthought.

Leo Hawk has never felt part of anything until he becomes a prospect in a local motorcycle club. But catching feelings for his roommate, who’s also the club president’s daughter, could spell disaster before he earns his patch.

But when the past comes back to haunt him thanks to his missing older brother, Leo will have to lean on his biker brothers for help, risking a future with the club and the woman he’s grown to love.


  • Friends-to-Lovers
  • Motorcycle Club
  • Roommates
  • Fish out of Water

Broken Wings Synopsis

Two broken souls. One chance encounter.

Logan “Crow” Taylor had every intention of not getting involved in trouble after gaining his freedom and rejoining his motorcycle club. But when the rough and rowdy biker crosses paths with a single mother in need of help and his protection, he can’t turn his back and walk away.


  • Single Mother
  • Protective Alpha Biker
  • Found Family
  • Tortured Past
  • Opposites Attract
  • Redemption

Broken Arrow Synopsis

Annie Hancock is finally following her dreams, studying for her graduate degree to become a professional artist. But when someone starts to leave threatening notes around her studio and dorm, Annie can’t help but wonder…who’s after her and why? She doesn’t know who to trust or keep herself safe.

Arrow has been grinding for years as a bounty hunter and private investigator. After setting down roots and opening his own office, his business doesn’t take off the way he’d hoped. Just when he’s about to change course, a beautiful woman is in desperate need of his services.

But what starts out as a simple assignment becomes more complicated when they’re forced into hiding. And as the threat gets closer, and the attraction becomes hotter, they’ll need to decide if what they have is real or driven by danger.


  • Protective Hero
  • Age Gap
  • Woman in Peril
  • Fish out of Water
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Download the Open Road series original covers and dive into a world of swoon-worthy romantic suspense.